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Windows Movie Maker

Version: 16.4.3528
Plataforma Soportadas: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP.
Autor: Microsoft©

You Can Make Your Movie With Window Movie Maker

If you are, or have considered making your own movies, well, there is an easy way for you to accomplish that. You don’t need to make major investments in movie making equipment or software. You don’t have to take a long, time consuming classes on making a movie, so that you know how to use that expensive software. Every computer, almost all computers, comes with the ability to make movies already loaded on it. Especially if that computer runs Windows, now, you just need to tap into that ability. The Windows Movie maker is the answer that you’ve been looking for. If your computer didn’t come with it then you need only to visit the Windows movie maker download site to download it.

Descargar Movie Maker versión en español

This Windows movie maker is usually used for presentations but it can be used to make movies. You can use this fun, easy, video editing software to make home movies, create that great photo album or even use for presentations. It is so simple and easy to use that it is considered the beginner basic for making movies. All it takes to start it searching Google using the keyword Window movie maker download. If, of course, you don’t already have it on your computer as most do. This application is so easily used that they use it in schools for classrooms. It allows students to create movies, presentation and school photo albums. So if a kid can use it so can an adult.

Your Movie will look professional with Window Movie Maker

Windows movie maker can do cool things like, still pictures, video clips, sound, and narration. You can put in titles and even credits in that great movie that you’re making. It’s surprising how professional this easy to use software can make your movie look. Then when you’re all done creating your movie it will help you export it to your chosen format. You can either chose to have it be read by computers or DVD players. You can even use it to upload your movie to your webpage.

Just think about the possibilities of what you can do with Windows movie maker and knowledge of how to use it. You can embarrass your kids by taking all those old home movies and making them into one movie to show at the worst possible time. You can use it to organize those great pictures that you’ve been storing for ever. Then even add text to those pictures to use for a family photo album presentation. You could even use it to help your child make the best video presentation for that school project that will be sure to get them an “A”.

So if your computer didn’t come with Window movie maker then you can go to Google and search for Window movie maker download to get it. Then you’ll be on your way to making those great family movies that you can post on your webpage, Facebook or onto a DVD to show to one and all. You’ll have a great time making these memories that will last for ever by using Window movie maker.

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