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Who are we?
Stylet Software is a small group of ladies ,gentleman and programers located in Belgrade, Serbia. We've made four programs so far, and two of them are on the way, so our program family is getting bigger.


We've just opened Stosha.net, site dedicated to Linux widget libraries
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ClickGone 1.1 released

Created a right-click action for canceling the program if you change your mind about killing the application

Stylet Mp3 finder 1.1 released

Quite a good file manager with some useful features that others don't have. I liked it well enough to buy it.

Stylet File manager 2.06 released

Bug with file associations fixed

File Bar 0.3 is released

Operations with list of file names are supported

File Bar 0.2 released

Explorer's can be tiled horizontaly or verticaly to simulate Norton Commander's or Stylet File Manager's look.

Stylet File Manager 2 is out

Latest incarnation of file manager brings this:
  • Drag & Drop: Drag & Drop got even better. You can choose beetween Windows Explorer's or Stylet Standard Drag & Drop behaviour. Sessions finaly save windows position Stability:Many bugs from previous release are fixed.



Steps To Download Free Saavn App For PC

Saavn app Logo Horizontal Green softwareSaavn App Complete Overview

Before going to the downloading process of How To Install Saavn App On PC, let me give you a short introduction of Saavn App. Is basically a music application which is made for Android and iOs smartphones. Saavn App became did not took lots of time and it got registered with large number of users from all over the world. You can listen to english as well as hindi songs on it. Music is something important to our daily life.Listening to music is one of the favourite hobby for today’s youngsters. Whenever, they go out they have earphones and music is always on. Music has it’s own world and there are different categories of music, you can also relate music to the situations which you face on every singel day. As you all know, there are very rare people left in this world who don’t have smartphone or laptop. The whole world is changing with the upcoming technologies and everything is done by using the latest technologies like making a movie upto making a science project.Now coming to our main topic that is music, people have a large collection of different types of music like classical, rock, pop, etc.There are also lots of websites present for downloading any type of music or song you want to download, but as our developers are making applications they have also made some applications by which you can listen to your favourite music online as well as you can download it. But what if you don’t want to download some songs but still wants to listen it? One of the best solution of this problem is get Saavn App Free Download On PC.

How to download Saavn App For Free

You can get Saavn App On PC directly from it’s official website or you can Download Saavn App On PC For Free from the google play store using the android emulators if you are thinking of downloading it on your PC/ Laptop. In this article, I am going to show you how you can do Saavn App For PC Free Download. As I said you can Download Free Saavn App For PC from the android emulator Bluestacks. Before this I would like you to know the features of Saavn App For PC which are as follows :

Saavn App For PC supports Windows 10/7/ 8/8.1 and Windows XP.
You can find any type of song or video you want to listen or watch anytime, anywhere if you should have an internet connection.
There are different languages in which you can listen to your favourite music like Hindi, Telgu, Bengali etc.
Has a feature known as “Shuffel” you can use it if you want to see which songs are there in the list.
If you don’t want to listen to a particular song then you can switch to radio and listen random songs.


Download Bluestacks on your PC.
Open Bluestacks and there you will see a “Search” button.
Type “Saavn” in the search field and from the result click on the “Install” button.
After the downloading is done, start listening to your favourite music in any language you want to.

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